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Colorado Rocky Mountain School
Over 50 years of preparing young students for the future.
Thomas Jefferson School
A core classical curriculum for grade 7-12 students across the U.S.
Arizonamilitaryschools.net provides information and listings for Boarding Schools that are located throughout the state of Arizonamilitaryschools. As you browse through the listings on this site it is important to keep in mind the distinction between Traditional Boarding Schools and Therapeutic Boarding Schools.

Traditional Boarding Schools
These schools are great for providing students a quality learning environment that will help them prepare for college life and develop good study habits. This is why they are often refered to as "College Prep Schools".

However, Traditional Boarding Schools are not good placements for Teens with problems. Teens in Traditional Schools do not have the supervision or structure needed. Because of this, Struggling Teens that are enrolled in Traditional Boarding Schools are more likely to encounter potential consequences such as being kicked out with loss of tuition, run away, run-in's with law enforcemnet, increased use of drugs, pregnancies, etc.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools
Therapeutic schools are designed to provide the Teen with a strong supporting structure with close 24 supervision and adult direction.

These schools will also provide a positive learning environment. However, they are also well suited and addapted to provide help for students that are considered "Struggling Teens". Teens that struggle with defiance, anger, substance abuse, etc. will be better serrved in a Therapeutic Boarding School.
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